Dream Forward

Transformational coaching is a means to living your life the way you want to, and believe you were meant to. Sometimes you need help to work out what the dream is, help with realising that you are the chooser of your path in life, and sometimes you just need to sort out where you are at today. Coaching helps you find answers to your questions and encourages you to step into a life that is fully authentic to your values, needs and vision, with a sense of joy, spirituality (should you choose) and groundedness. There is no judgement, just a safe space to be heard. Zakee Shariff Newman is an artist and designer who is also trained as a CTI (Coaches Training Institute) coach, a certified Choosing Prosperity guide and a trained intuitive channeller. She has a strong ability to hold a safe space for her clients, work with trauma and encourage empowerment through her natural empathetic nature and intuitive gift. In 2009 she opened the Dream Forward life coaching practice alongside her creative practice. Usually sessions are held over the phone, although appointments can be face-to-face if needed.

For further information on coaching and channeling, fees and appointments, please contact Zakee at zakee@dreamforward.co.uk.



"Zakee has always been a guiding light for me. Having her guide me through a very tough period in my career was a blessing. She helped me listen more closely to what my heart was truly saying I had to do and be, at a time when my ego was being driven by that of others. Her intuition and ability to guide with kindness is a unique quality that I embrace. I wish that there were more souls like her in this world!"
(Fashion consultant and creative, London)

"I completed a six month course of life coaching with Zakee in 2009. I have been a designer for 18 years and my confidence around work during 2009 was at an all-time low. I felt incredibly lost and had no idea what direction my career should take. Zakee's coaching focused on my creativity and my self esteem through a variety of tailor-made techniques. Zakee has a real gift for coaching and I found it immensely easy to open up to her and discover exactly what I wanted out of my life and my career. I cannot recommend Zakee enough, to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life. Two months after I finished my coaching sessions I made a decision to launch a brand, two years later I have a successful business. I think about Zakee's coaching often and I will be forever grateful for how it brought me back to my truth."
(Designer, London)

"Being Coached by Zakee helped me to visualise who it is I am, what I want to see myself doing, and how to live differently. It encouraged me to keep dreaming about the things I still want to do and to somehow realise them."
(Artist, Germany)

Zakee was a great help to me at a time where I needed a little guidance in my life. I wanted help to focus my goals and to really think about what I wanted going forward. We set challenges and targets together and I'm happy to say I achieved everything I'd set out to do! I would absolutely recommend her life coaching to anyone.
(Photographer, London)

"I love working with Zakee. She has a gift for keeping you on track whilst being able to go with you wherever you need to be. I also love the way Zakee shares her intuitive hunches, isn't afraid to say how she sees things and totally routes for you. Zakee is a great ally always reconnecting you with your own strengths and deepest values."
(Jo, Co-Creation Coaching, Devon)