Coaching & Mentoring

Description of process
Coaching & mentoring with Zakee helps you to trust your intuition, make decisions with confidence and live with a grounded sense of of empowerment. When you understand yourself, and your vision, you are able to create an empowered life.

Zakee facilitates her clients to step into their authentic self. She provides her clients with, tools and techniques to work through shifts, blocks, change, and growth. Facilitating them to step deeper into clarity and focus. Zakee supports you to find answers to your questions, and encourages you to step into a fully authentic life with a sense of purpose, passion and connection.  

Working with Zakee is a safe, explorative and confidential space.

To book a complimentary 20 min discovery session with Zakee (via Skype or phone) or to find out more. Contact Zakee by email Every communication is & remains confidential.