Zakee Shariff – Life Coach

Description of process

Drawing upon her extensive experience in both the creative and business realms spanning over 26 years, as well as her training as a life coach with The Coaches Training Institute in 2009, Zakee Shariff utilises her expertise to provide personalised coaching and mentoring sessions. These sessions can be conducted either online via Zoom or in-person, and she also facilitates small group sessions. Zakee primarily works with artists, creatives, and career-oriented women, helping them harness their talents and become catalysts for positive change in the world.

Through her coaching, Zakee assists clients in discovering their vision, values, and authentic voice. She empowers and uplifts individuals, instilling in them the confidence to trust their own knowledge and ability to effect change and take action. Zakee guides clients in developing trust in their intuition and making decisions with certainty. She firmly believes that by understanding oneself, one’s values, and one’s vision, it becomes possible to create an empowered life.

Zakee equips her clients with tools and techniques to navigate shifts, overcome obstacles, embrace change, and foster personal and professional growth. She supports them in gaining clarity and focus regarding their personal and business aspirations. Ultimately, Zakee’s aim is for her clients to find their own answers to their questions and embark on a journey towards living a fully authentic life, align with their values,  filled with purpose, passion, and meaningful connections.

Working with Zakee is a safe, explorative and confidential space.

To book a 60 min discovery call with Zakee (via Zoom) or to find out more. Contact Zakee by email