Interior designer – London

Zakee is a truly wonderful coach and mentor. She is supportive, understanding, constructive. She understands the importance of being able to truly see and hear her clients She is able to hold and witness her clients in a nurturing space while working through life challenges and triumphs both personal and in business. She encourages and enables personal growth. I found that all her exchanges are powered by love.

Writer – London

My coaching experience with Zakee was transformative. I'd set out to work on practical career strategies - and we absolutely achieved that - but the sessions opened up so much more that I'd expected and accessed buried issues that I needed to address without even knowing it. Zakee’s coaching is well structured and Zakee is especially brilliant at staying with you in the moment when unexpected feelings and thoughts emerge in session. She gives you space to feel around them, while expertly allowing you to integrate them into your work together. I was amazed to learn so much about myself during six sessions and benefited so much from Zakee's warmth, empathy and intuition. Zakee’s coaching has given me a holistic toolkit that I will use forever.

Artist – London

I absolutely loved working with Zakee truly, I felt very, very safe with her, which for me is an important thing.  I love the way she is so intuitive. That is very helpful for me. I only really wanted to work with someone who comes from that intuitive place,  because it it really helps me and  I value that. I like the way I was able to trust Zakee. I liked the spiritual way that she connected to spirit and that she is very spiritual, in a grounded and not fluffy way. I was delighted to work with Zakee. I've been so delighted to have met her. I'm so glad I know she is here in this world. And at some point, I will come hop back in first for more sessions.

Graphic Designer – Exhibitions – London

I connected with Zakee over a year ago. I’m so grateful I did. Feeling the need to step away for a while from my client based work and focus on a more nurturing and teaching based strand of my career. Zakee gently and compassionately guided me through a journey of discovery-building up my lost confidence and clearing a positive path leading to self belief and firmly instilling in me that I am a master within my creative graphic design practice. I am eternally grateful to her-I am so glad I reached out to such a warmhearted and intuitive woman.

Artist – London

I can’t really put into words how transformational it has been working with Zakee. Thinking back to when I started and to where I am now - to how much my art practice, perception of self, confidence and process has been enriched and has grown - it is quite incredible. I felt so completely at ease to delve into the deepest parts of myself, to show my vulnerability and fears and for them to be worked through to allow for better understanding and acceptance. I felt a perfect balance of being guided and supported whilst being allowed to let the sessions flow into whichever realm they needed to go. Zakee’s intuitive approach allowed so many unplanned and important moments to appear. My art practice as a result has shifted into new and exciting territory that I don’t think I would ever have got to had it not been for the work we did together. I know for certain that I will do more sessions with Zakee in the future and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a wise, kind and grounded soul.

Choreographer – Edinburgh, Scotland

I’m so grateful for the dream forward work I did with Zakee, she is a gifted, generous, intuitive guide. I totally trusted her and our sessions helped me nurture and respect my creative energy. I worked on setting realistic boundaries and clarifying intentions, developing a more defined sense of accountability for my own desires. The meditations Zakee guided were deep and special, tapping into a soulful place within myself which felt multidimensional – A state of presence that I can still perceive in my body & mind. She is One Magic Lady.

Mallika Chaudhuri-Hill – Owner of Sustainable Fashion Brand – INDOI – London

I very fortunately found Zakee when I was at a real tipping point of my life - a big move, motherhood, financial insecurity all taking it's toll. Zakee connected with me on an energetic level immediately and she very gently and intuitively helped me shift out of that stuck, stagnant place into a more open, free flowing space. Which meant I was then able to redirect myself on a much happier path. Zakee´s coaching was integral to this very pivotal moment in my life.

Charlie Brear Owner/Bridal Designer – Bridal Brand – London

I turned to Zakee when I was having a really difficult time juggling my life and my business. Zakee is someone whom, from the moment you are in the room, makes you feel seen, heard and understood. I had a lot of personal stuff to deal with as well as creative blocks and we moved through those really easily each week. My work with her was paused due to Covid-19. However for me she will remain a valuable tool in keeping my mental clarity & vision of who and where I want to be on track. You couldn’t find better.

Fashion Consultant and Creative – London

Zakee has always been a guiding light for me. Having her guide me through a very tough period in my career was a blessing. She helped me listen more closely to what my heart was truly saying I had to do and be, at a time when my ego was being driven by that of others. Her intuition and ability to guide with kindness is a unique quality that I embrace. I wish that there were more souls like her in this world!

Fashion Designer – London

"I completed a six month course of life coaching with Zakee in 2009. I have been a designer for 18 years and my confidence around work during 2009 was at an all-time low. I felt incredibly lost and had no idea what direction my career should take. Zakee's coaching focused on my creativity and my self esteem through a variety of tailor-made techniques. Zakee has a real gift for coaching and I found it immensely easy to open up to her and discover exactly what I wanted out of my life and my career. I cannot recommend Zakee enough, to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life. Two months after I finished my coaching sessions I made a decision to launch a brand, two years later I have a successful business. I think about Zakee's coaching often and I will be forever grateful for how it brought me back to my truth."