Charlie Brear – Bridal Designer

I turned to Zakee when I was having a really difficult time juggling my life and my business. Zakee is someone whom, from the moment you are in the room, makes you feel seen, heard and understood. I had a lot of personal stuff to deal with as well as creative blocks and we moved through those really easily each week. My work with her was paused due to Covid-19. However for me she will remain a valuable tool in keeping my mental clarity & vision of who and where I want to be on track. You couldn’t find better.

Fashion consultant and creative – London

Zakee has always been a guiding light for me. Having her guide me through a very tough period in my career was a blessing. She helped me listen more closely to what my heart was truly saying I had to do and be, at a time when my ego was being driven by that of others. Her intuition and ability to guide with kindness is a unique quality that I embrace. I wish that there were more souls like her in this world!

Designer – London

I completed a six month course of life coaching with Zakee in 2009. I have been a designer for 18 years and my confidence around work during 2009 was at an all-time low. I felt incredibly lost and had no idea what direction my career should take. Zakee's coaching focused on my creativity and my self esteem through a variety of tailor-made techniques. Zakee has a real gift for coaching and I found it immensely easy to open up to her and discover exactly what I wanted out of my life and my career. I cannot recommend Zakee enough, to anyone who is struggling with any aspect of their life. Two months after I finished my coaching sessions I made a decision to launch a brand, two years later I have a successful business. I think about Zakee's coaching often and I will be forever grateful for how it brought me back to my truth.

Jo co-creation coaching- Devon

I love working with Zakee. She has a gift for keeping you on track whilst being able to go with you wherever you need to be. I also love the way Zakee shares her intuitive hunches, isn't afraid to say how she sees things and totally routes for you. Zakee is a great ally always reconnecting you with your own strengths and deepest values.