Artist – London

I can’t really put into words how transformational it has been working with Zakee. Thinking back to when I started and to where I am now – to how much my art practice, perception of self, confidence and process has been enriched and has grown – it is quite incredible. I felt so completely at ease to delve into the deepest parts of myself, to show my vulnerability and fears and for them to be worked through to allow for better understanding and acceptance. I felt a perfect balance of being guided and supported whilst being allowed to let the sessions flow into whichever realm they needed to go.

Zakee’s intuitive approach allowed so many unplanned and important moments to appear. My art practice as a result has shifted into new and exciting territory that I don’t think I would ever have got to had it not been for the work we did together. I know for certain that I will do more sessions with Zakee in the future and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such a wise, kind and grounded soul.